Adam MacDonald and Patrik Eriksson began the company, Liquid Engineers, in their Oslo lounge room back in 2008.  With both having solid credentials in the bar industry and both being former World Champions in Bartending, the two lads embarked on serving private parties and creating cocktail courses for companies and private groups. 

Years later, Liquid Engineers is strong and going well and is currently operating its Oslo event business out of Brick Lane Cafe.  

In an attempt to lift the standard of drinks and the knowledge of what to drink and how to drink it, the decision was made to create a product that could meet this challenge head on.

What exactly are the needs of regular people gathering to make drinks at home on a Saturday night?  This question has been explored to the finest detail!

With Adam MacDonald pouring all of his experience and creative passion into the project, Drink In A Box has become a reality. Helping people drink better at home is the daily motivator that keeps both Adam and Patrik fired up to create a positive future with fantastic drinks.  

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