Kickstarter Campaign



After going back and forth on whether or not to pull the trigger, the decision came down that we would create a Kickstarter Campaign.  

We ran it for the recommended 30 days and it resulted in 45 backers, 59,332kr in early bird pledges and our target of 40,000kr fully destroyed within 14 days!  

That was the official start to the project and there was no turning back after that.

Our backers have become dear to our heart, but it wasn't just the Kickstarter supporters who reached deep into their pockets.  We had 78 other wonderful supporters jump on board the early bird special and pre-ordered directly at our home base, Brick Lane Cafe.  This generated another 45,630kr bringing our pre-sale campaign to 104,962kr.  And just think, we almost didn't do it!  

The early bird backers have started to collect their orders and the deliveries have begun.